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What is "Electronic Pick Pocketing"?

Electronic pick pocketing is a danger that, unfortunately, impacts almost everyone in today’s world.

As mandated by law, all newly issued credit cards and debit cards must now be chipped.  You may have also noticed, new passports are also being implanted with chips.  Albeit there are some security benefits, the risk to the cardholder can exceed these few benefits.  As you may know, credit cards, banking cards, and passports hold personal information such as card numbers, pins, transactions, codes and more.  This information is now being captured by scanners without the knowledge of the card holder, most often by a simply converted cell phone!  When a thief gets close enough to you, they can download all of the necessary information required to clone your credit card and more.  These scanning devices work even if the thief has it in their pocket or bag.  Simply put, all a thief needs to steal your most personal info is to get close to you; and voila, you’ve been electronically pick pocketed.

Is the CybaShield card just a gimmick?

No. In fact, the technology is provided by and used by the military. The research and technological evolution of CybaShield's use of RFID technology has transpired over decades.  The ultimate testimonial to the success of our card is the satisfaction of our customers. Over the past year we have sold thousands of cards to the public.  Additionally, we provide a 5-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Are there other cards available that are similar to CybaShield?

Similar - yes, as capable and high quality as ours - no.  This is not a false claim, it is a fact!  There is no other product currently in our market that provides the level of security range that the CybaShield card can protect you with.  Many reach only mere millimeters, while the CybaShield protects you up to 90 mm.  There is a huge difference!  Our RFID halo technology is unique and not found in other cards.

Will CybaShield interfere with the operation of any medical devices or my cell phone?

No.  Our card targets a unique radio frequency that is related only to RFID chips.  The card operates on a different radio frequency than cell phones. 

Are there any health concerns connected with CybaShield cards?

Absolutely not.  The technology used in CybaShield cards have been subjected to thorough testing and examinations.  There is no health threat.